This software project is a joint effort by the Ramaciotti Centre at UNSW, as domain experts, and Intersect, which brings software development expertise. Although we acknowledge the contribution of many people, we can only provide details of the main collaborators in this project.

Ramaciotti Centre

The *Ramaciotti Centre* is a not-for-profit facility located at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. We are a leading high-throughput functional genomics service provider, offering expertise in next-generation sequencing and microarray technology. We produce data of the highest quality and pride ourselves on excellent, personalised customer service. Our professional team has many years of experience facilitating projects from design through to downstream analysis.

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People from the Centre working for this project:

Prof. Marc Wilkins

Leader of the project and director of the Centre. Marc has published >100 peer-reviewed research papers, review papers and book chapters and has edited 2 books. Marc’s research has tackled many of the key issues in proteomics. A particular strength has been the capacity to combine large-scale analytical techniques with complex bioinformatics to open new avenues for biological investigation. Current research interests are (i) the role of protein methylation in the proteome (ii) the dynamics of protein interaction networks and (iii) the analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

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Dr Chi Nam Ignatius Pang

Ignatius Pang studied Bachelor of Bioinformatics Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Dr. Pang completed PhD in 2010 on the topic “The Dynamics of Protein Interaction Networks”, under the supervision of Prof. Marc Wilkins at UNSW. In his thesis, he explored different mechanisms that govern interactome dynamics. He is one of key contacts are the Centre for the project.

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Intersect Australia Ltd is the eResearch services organisation in NSW. Intersect is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, established by its founding members to provide eResearch services and solutions. Intersect services the research sector in NSW, including universities and relevant public and private sector agencies, by developing a concentration of eResearch expertise in the State. Intersect works with the existing technical capabilities of its members and partners to identify, develop and deliver world-class ICT enabled platforms to drive the next generation of research and innovation.

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People from Intersect working for this project:

Georgina Edwards

Georgina is the Project Manager. She is a senior software engineer at Intersect with extensive background in building complex web-based systems. She is an expert in a range of open source tools and technologies, and a champion in agile development methodologies at Intersect.

Before joining Intersect in 2009, Georgina was a Senior Developer at Macquarie Bank. Georgina has a BE (Hons) in IT & Telecommunications from the University of Adelaide.

Carlos Aya

Carlos is Product Owner for the project, representing the goals of the Centre stakeholders to the Engineering team. He is a senior software engineer at Intersect, with broad experience in diverse roles in IT. His experience as software developer encompasses projects in traffic control, web site development, student assessment, computational linguistics and e-learning systems to name a few.

Carlos has a BSc in Mathematics from Univ. Los Andes (Colombia), a BSc in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from the same university, and an MA of IT from University of Sydney.

Sean McCarthy

Sean is Technical Leader, making sure a product is developed to Intersect’s QA standards and the Centre expectations. He is a senior software engineer with 14 years experience, utilising a variety of languages including Java, Perl, Python and C++. Sean has significant experience with web applications and played a leading role in building the back ends for some of Australia’s leading websites, including Excite Australia, Optus Internet and The Australian Financial Review.

Sean has a Bachelor of Technology (Information and Communication Systems) from Macquarie University.

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