User Testing has been completed on the AP11 application. Our user testing was completed by Ignatius Pang and Aidan Tay, who have extensive experience in genomics and proteomics and are part of the Ramaciotti Centre at UNSW. They used realistic data (in terms of content and size) for the testing, and their feedback was invaluable in helping produce a high quality solution. Read on for more info about their findings.

The Application

An overview of the application can be found on our wiki at Application Description.

Source code can be found at:

Samifier Source Code - Github - this is the java command line components described above


Webapp Source Code - Github - this is the webapp that’s used to record experimental details and provide the feed to RDA.

We also have a User Manual, and Developers Guide. Check out the Wiki Home Page for further useful guides and documents.


Ignatius Pang and Aidan Tay from UNSW have written up a fantastic account of the testing they performed - this can be found at User assisted testing report