We had our first sprint demo on the 27/Aug, which didn’t go without its hurdles. We showed the web app site, with initial user registration, user management and experiments page.

This is a screenshot of the login page (click to see larger picture)

and the self-registration page

and the experiments page

Then we discussed the virtual protein generator. We realised it should be called Protein Generator, as it is meant to generate two kinds of protein DB files: one for predicted proteins, using gene scanner software as glimmer; and virtual proteins, just generated by splitting the genome in contiguous blocks of certain size. We are aiming to have a first go with this product this sprint.

The samifier was presented at the end. We had issues with the genome being split in several files, but at the end showed the prototype, which was written in Ruby. We are aiming to produce a Java version by the end of this week to test it with researchers in other kinds of datasets.

Researchers were happy with the demostration despite little issues, and are looking forward to the evolution of these initial prototypes.